Tuesday, August 2, 2011

They call me mellow yellow.

My super sweet friend Diane (shop owner of Something Diane Made) sent me the cutest gift the other day! Oh my gosh ya'll.. It made my day.

Enjoy my instagram quicky. 

And a pretty one with a lovely one of the little holding it..

Whats that? A classic photo bomb. Yes, yes it is.

First off it has polka dots and it's yellow. Can it get any better? Yes, yes it can. With a teal zipper and flower and gray interior. Holy smokes! It's gorgeous. I love it.

The best part is the SIZE of these things! It's a tad bigger on the clutch side which is perfect for a momma on the go. It fit, my cell phone, my wallet (which is big and fat because I'm a semi-hoarder don't judge me), my sun glasses, keys and some ponies. 

That's awesome eh? OR you could fit a travel wipes case in it I think. It seems about that size. But this Momma doesn't have any itty bitties that use wipes anymore even though sometimes they need them, I'm always that mom that forgets to have anything to clean faces off. 

I digress. 

But it would be cute for a diaper bag so you could keep YOUR stuff in it and not have to carry a diaper bag and another purse, that was my biggest pet peeve back in the diaper days. This fits in both, and fits on your wrist. Love..love love that. 

But there's a ton of cute ones to choose from and they're on sale for ONE MORE DAY ya'll. For an awesome price of 20.00 with free shipping. Holla! 

Make sure you stop by.. tell her I sent ya and check out her lovely assortment of purses and get one while they're on sale! The price goes up a bit once the sale is over and then that shipping deal goes back on.. So! Get them while they're hot hot!


Jami Nato said...

a)your girls! so cute.

b)that little clutch is going to have to be mine.

Miranda said...

I'm so inspired. Best. Photos. Ever.!


stampedconcrete said...

nice post .. the bags are cute .. i like them so much ..

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