Wednesday, November 9, 2011


If you follow me on Facebook you might remember we had a leak recently. Actually, two leaks. Then the sewer outside got clogged and made all the nasty junk come up from the basement floor.

Basically I'm saying our basement is a mess.

Insurance came to dry it out once, but then it happened again and well..Now we have to change up our game plan a bit.

Demo started.

And, to put it lightly. It's Hell. But it has to get worse before it gets better, I know this. 

So if you're wondering what's going on at casa Fingerprints that's basically it. Lots of dust, lots of clean up lots of gross.

But I did make an impromptu trip to Hobby Lobby today to work on a small project

I know, I'm seriously lacking motivation and inspiration lately and something had to be done about it. I let my creative side come out a tad, let's all cross our fingers I finish it tonight so I can show ya'll tomorrow! :) Whoop to the whoop!


Renewed Upon a Dream said...

Oh my gosh that's horrible! Hopefully it'll be a blessing in disguise & you'll end up with a super lovely basement area because of it. For now though, no fun :(

Jami Nato said...

DANG said...

Uggh!! What a mess. I feel for you guys. We've lived through floods (washer hose exploded on 3rd floor and leaked all through the house even down to the basement) and also basement reno. The only good thing is that it's in the basement and not in your daily view --at least for me but I"m sure the rest of your house is in an upheaval w/ all the basement stuff moved up.
Can't wait to see your creative project.
I'd love it if you would enter my Shutterfly giveaway!

Latoya @ The Scott's Crib said...

Oh my gooodness! I hope it gets better, quick:) That Hob Lob project will do you some good;)

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