Friday, November 4, 2011

Feature Yourself Friday

Oy! Sometimes I forget which day is which, I woke up thinking "Oh Thursday, why can't you be Friday!?" Guess what? It was.

Halloween must have just did me in haha, I'm losing my mind! :)
But it was fun, and worth it to see these little pirates have fun

So I apologize for the mishap. How about a peace offering and I'll announce the winner of the
Mi Line Jewelry Design giveaway?

#89 Jen! Check your email lucky lady! 

For the rest of you, the Scentsy Giveaway is still going on! Woohoo! There's also a party where you can go purchase some goodies if you can't wait to see if you win or not, plus it gets ya a few extra entries. Bo-nus.

So how about we get this party started?

You know the rules! Party hard, have fun. You guys are pros at this I don't know why I have to remind you. ;)

And, then I broke linky tools! So sorry ladies. Today is obviously not my day. Lets try this again. 


Jami Nato said...

your pirates are cute!

Jen said...

#1 Your pirates are adorable.
#2 Yay, I am the winner!!!!
#3 Thanks for hosting this link party!

Crystal said...

Thanks for hosting!

Milla said...

Thanks for hosting!

Katalina Jewelry said...

It sounds like you're having one of those days! I'm glad your Halloween was fun. The pirate girls are adorable! Thanks for hosting, even with all the troubles this morning.

Chrissy said...

What cuties!!

D said...

Love the pirate costumes. Thank you for hosting and hope that you have a great weekend.

Lisa @ MMT said...

Your girls are adorable pirates! My son was a pirate this year too! I linked up his homemade costume and pirate ship :)

Ivy and Elephants said...

My four year old was a pirate too this year old. I have to say our pirates are the cutest pirates ever. Thanks for hosting!


Jen said...

I won, but I never got an e-mail from you. I even e-mailed, but haven't heard anything. Maybe your e-mails aren't coming through? They aren't in my spam folder, what should I do?

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