Thursday, December 1, 2011

Holiday Card Swap

*PLEASE NOTE! This is not feature yourself friday. That'll be up at 10:00 :) This is to join in a Christmas card swap. Do not link up projects, etsy shops..anything unless you plan on joining the swap. Linking up when you don't plan to send a card will potentially hurt a lot of feelings, and we don't want that. Read before you link..mmk! :) If you're here for FYF it'll be up soon! *

Why hello there! My BFF and I teamed up for something extra special for you today and I'm so excited to finally be able to share it! :)
I think we can all agree that it was the coolest thing since sliced bread back in the day to have a pen pal yes? Yes, it was. Even as an adult going to get the mail and getting something other than bills? Brightens my day 100%
Especially Christmas cards..Holiday cards..Christmas letters..Photos.. Love it!
Before I was a Mom I never really "got it" when it came to holiday cards. I mean, they were cute and all but I didn't understand how much effort went into picking out the card, addressing them, adding a little note..Not to mention picking out a photo if you're doing a photo card! That brings a whole 'notha task like picking out outfits, on a perfect day, making sure everyone was smiling..


But you know what? I love sending them
And, I love receiving them.
Sunshine in an envelope. 

Let's all give eachother some sunshine shall we? 
We shall.

Kimmie and I are encouraging you to link up and we'll pair you up with another linker so you can exchange cards. 

I don't care if they're Christmas cards, Holiday cards, Winter cards.

But something homemade..with love. Not just a card that came from a box of 500 with no name or words of holiday joy..mmk?

But they can be digital cards, with your pretty faces on them if you feel comfortable with that! Or they could be scrapbookesque--I've seen some of your ladies work with scrapbook stuff and it's amazing okay? You've got talent. 

It can be something with your silhouette or cricut. It can be a drawing, or have your kids draw one. The possibilities are endless really, just handmade with love. 

Those are really the only rules. Just love in card form. And, of course--if you plan on linking up don't forget to send your card, the whole point is to send one and receive one. I'd hate for anyone to be left out! But we have a pretty friendly bunch in blog land so I'm not too worried about that. :)

You can link up on either Kimmie blog or my blog. The link will show up on either, so no extra work on your part just link up--spread the word and on Dec 7th we'll pair you up and look out for an email from us on how to contact your partner to swap addresses. 
No serial killers here. Pinky swear.

Then you have until the 20th to send out your card and we'll have another linky party that week to give you a chance to whip out a post showing off the handmade holiday love you got in the mail! How fun. 

Not only will it brighten your day, and tons of fun-- it'll be a great chance for you to get lots of new people to meet and "hang" out with. Plus twice the audience since it's both our blogs that will host the link. Get it? Yes. Double the fun! 

If you need help with Holiday cards a couple of my favorite card-makers are..
(She's done all my girls' birthday invites and she's so good! Once I finally upload my oldest's rainbow party pictures from July you can see all her awesomeness)
Cute affordable and fast- yo! And, they're now a sponsor over at FOTF! How cool is that? VERY COOL because I've always loved them. Such awesome designs. *Drool!* They currently have 20% off and offer free shipping!
 Vista Print
Another awesome sponsor I'm so excited about not only because they're a huge company, but because I use them for business cards so I know they rock the socks. AND they have a special for 50% off cards & free shipping! Shweet! 

If you have an etsy shop or another favorite shop you'd like to share in the comments for anyone looking for card makers let us know too! 

Now enough chatter..Link up! Let's party!


Jamie said...

Wow!! do I feel dumb. Not only did I not read the BRIGHT RED print at the top of the post but I also managed to link up the same post twice. Sorry! Would appreciate it if you took my link(s) off. I'll be back at 10.

art is beauty said...

Hee Hee..another dumbo here....blame it on the kids....SORRY...delete away!!

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