Sunday, April 29, 2012

May haps..Life..Giveaways and such.


 Just a little...

Playing with the new lens I ordered the other day.. Still working on it. ha! 

In other news. Remember last year when we had the gigantic-huge-super fun 24 hour giveaway!? Well.. in honor of my birthday again.. I thought we'd do again. (Again, again again) Ha! :) I'm turning 25 though this year.. and there aren't 25 hours in a day so we'll have an anniversary party how about that? ;) It was a BIG hit, so if you have a shop that you'd like to promote email me! Thousand of entries means thousands of people seeing your shop! {; re: Bday giveaway}

Also, FRESH ads are going up tomorrow! Whoop whoop! I'm so blessed to have wonderful sponsors who like to call this little place on the web home! Since May happens to be my favorite month I want to have an ad-special. 

From now until next Sunday standard size ads will run for 10.00. 

Yes. 10.00 Whoa. Not to mention you get first dibs on Giveaway day and an awesome rotation with some other lovely shops right over yonder. Plus the 10.00 rate wont be just for may, if you want to bundle it, it will be 10 dollars for every month you sign on for. 
I'm excited just talking about it! 

:) Alright friends. Happy Monday! 


Sarah D. said...

You have a beautiful family :-)

Anonymous said...

you all have beautiful eyes...even the crossed ones!! said...

Happy Birthday! Love all of your photos! What lens did you get??

The Lawrences said...

yes, I want to know which lens you got also!!
Happy Birthday :)

Cari and Cortnee @ Two Sasters said...

Happy Birthday! GREAT pics!

Adrienne & Lisa said...

GREAT pics! Beauitful family!

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