Monday, May 21, 2012

Birthday Giveaway!

It's here! It's here!

Birthday Giveaway Day!

The day we celebrate my birthday (ahh-thankyou) by giving away my favorite goodies to you!.

Clearly, I get excited about this. 

It'll start in an hour..9:00 am Kalamazoo Time. 
Rachelle time, that is. :) 

And go on, and on and on for a long while today. Every hour. On the hour. So check back regularly! It's kind of like a boutique, you can just go from one lovely shop to another. Checking out all the goodies, enter your name in the drawings and oogle some more. It'd be awfully nice if you could share it with your friends too. I like to share the fun, don't you? :) 

So.. see you soon!


Diane K.Brimmer said...

I would love to get the wristlet clutch - pretty in pink.

Rebecca said...

Happy happy birthday! Thank you for the chance to win so many fab items and celebrate your day with you. :)

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