Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Jewelry box makeover

So I had this old jewelry box I got when I was itty bitty on vacation. Probably..20 years old. Whew.

Look at that gem! She looks like she knows something bad is going to happen to her.. It wont hurt.. Just a little paint. Bwa..ha..ha.

Yeah, not so much my taste anymore but it really was a great box. I mean, as great as a box can be. I especially like that it still had what looks like chalk in it from forever ago. Weird things like that make me kind of giddy. Memories. Love them.

Anyway, I really needed something for my side of the bed to hide my hair ties and jewelry I take off right before bed. I seem to have a cat that likes to eat such things.

So, a splash of gold spray paint I already had and ta-da.

Even better my favorite gift to myself sits nicely on it. Look at that curly tail. Love. It. Ceramic animal perfection. You think Sherry would approve?

I do.

That's my story. The quickest, easiest way to change up a jewelry box without spending any money. And, a cute pig. Because that's what really matters.

I know you'll ask. Flying pig..$7.00..Michaels. Who would have thought?

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TwoThirtyFiveDesigns said...

Love this, and totally digging the pig ;)
WHen you mentioned the chalk, made me think of a desk I had when I was little (and still do), I stored so many crayons in that sucker and to this day, some are still in there and the smell is definitely hanging around!

Renewed Upon a Dream said...

So cute! The pig reminds me of running the Flying Pig marathon in Cincinnati last year!

Sherry @ Young House Love said...

Hahahahha, I love it!

Best jewelleryBox said...

Really different thought.Love it...
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modern bedroom said...

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very cute~ I'm sure she would approve, oh I see she does! :)

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