Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

I've got a LOT of winners.. so read on folks, one might be you!

The Pleated Poppy $25.00 Shop Credit. #6 Katherine

The Birds Papaya any two shop items. #20 Betsy

Shabby Apple $50.00 Gift Card. #136 Jessica

The Shine Project T Shirt. #3 Brooke

Vinyl Crafts $50.00 Gift Card. #91 Courtney

Lisa Leonard $50.00 Credit. #54 Alicia

Bei Fiori $25.00 Shop Credit #71 Sarah

Southtown Creative $50.00 Credit #38 Edeenut

Tinker B Boutique 2 Winners!
#3 Monsters33
#20 Dawn

Little Miss Momma Mustache necklace #18 Kristin

Something Diane Made flower clutch. #86 April

Bellabyte Design Studio $50.00 Shop Credit. #36 Susan

Lee La La $25.00 Shop Credit #61 Tara

It Works! Body Wrap #39 Margie

Whew! That's a lot of winners. If I called your name, go ahead and email me! Make sure you put the shop you won from in the subject so it's easy for me to forward on to the shop owner. :) Thanks so much ladies, you rocked it. Also a super big HOOORAY to the shops who sponsored this shin dig. Let's give them a big thank you shall we?

Thank you.



April G said...

Oh my goodness! Yay!

Many thanks to ALL the generous sponsors! And to you, for hosting these giveaways! :)

TwoThirtyFiveDesigns said...

Thank YOU for hosting, it was a lot of work on your part and a fabulous job!

Katherine said...

YAY!!! Thanks so much!!

Alicia@Through-my-is said...

Thanks! This was a great giveaway!

built in fridge said...

It's such a great giveaway!!!! thanks for posting this!

white leather sofa said...

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