Thursday, October 16, 2008

Pumpkin carving time!

Mr.Perfect, Lovebug1&2 and I all went and got pumpkins tonight! Carving is all this weekend..(Besides the two we did tonight, but hey we got a lot okay?)Yeah But, I spray painted mine white! I had to! Everyone in blog land is doing it. I'm thinking black polka dots and maybe a "Boo"? I don't know what do you think? You wont leave a comment anyway, nevermind. Just kidding, I read minds really well.. So think hard, I'll hear it!

Peekaboo I see you little black cord to hook up my camera to my computer!

Look how amazingly cute LB1 is. Love her, want to squish her. You can semi still see her black eye. Poor babe. That wasn't from the squishing, promise.

See that black blob. That's the tiny monster who tears up my house. He's fast though obviously. So I can't catch him to stop him from messing up everything!

I got these little delights at HL the other day and even though I loathe the yellow greenish one that doesn't even remotely look real (what was I thinking, seriously?) I think it turned out pretty good. Um, pretend like you don't see the green lighter next to my tea light burner. And, um you don't see the silver frame that fell behind hubs and I. Oh and, there might be too many leaves on my lanterns? I don't know- I freaking love fall, it's like it vomited all over my family room. (Living room/great room/front room- for you freaks out there.)

LB2 keeps getting into the toilet paper. Sigh. Do your kids do that? Does it really taste that good, because, well I haven't tried it. So, I don't know. But she seems to love it and now I have to go wraaastle her. I might have to toss it all and implement a drip dry rule around here. WHOA too far, sorry guys. I am. :)


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