Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Well shoot.

I gave my bff her present so unless she sends me a picture. I have nothing to add about that. :( I'm really sad about it because I feel it was lovely, but alas. I'm a disappointment tonight. I did however paint my front door black tonight. Luh-uh-ving it! So "rich" looking! I even spray painted my hardware a lovely matte silver. ie. Cheap nickle finish. Have you seen how much new hardware runs lately? Uh yeah! Freaking ridiculous. So, unless you want to send me 119.99 for the set I want, this will have to do.
Hubs and I did try to make a bench tonight for our mudroom/entryway/catch all. But, you know what. I wasn't feeling it, and trashed that idea. Now I have a bunch of plywood cut up, what should I make? I was really motivated for a bench. Darn it.

Well Pals one lovely loyal reader- I still see you!- it's time for the nighty nights with lovebug1 and lovebug2. Have a wonderful fall day tomorrow, unless your in Michigan and you get to feel the 80 degree burn! And then some snow.

Also, anyone out there who prays/can send good thoughts this way. Two of my good friends are going through a rough patch in both of their marriages. It's bad. Only the grace of God can fix wounds like these and that's what they need! <3 And, another just lost someone close to her in her family. Sad times for these women.


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