Wednesday, November 12, 2008


It snowed this weekend up here in the mitten. Have I mentioned that I absolutely with out a doubt hate the snow? Well, there you go, I hate it. Not only because it means it's the begining of 5, maybe 6 (or 7 because I mean, it is MICHIGAN and all) more months of cold cold cold. Dangerous roads, falling trees that cant handle the snow. Which last year happened in our front yard! Spooky! Oh and since I gained a um, few pounds this year I need a new coat that fits my "guns" aka my flabby waitress arms... :)

Oh well, anyway. Have I told you that we're tearing down our kitchen slowly this week? Yep, the dining room is all opened up! How exciting, and I purchased one (yes one.) cabinet to make sure I like them (yes I do). Ordered the countertops this week and well we're on! Silly owners before us added the dining room as an addition with NO insulation. No it wasn't a three season room because it had a register blowing heat out there! Instead they put two walls of drywall.. Silly, that doesn't stop freezing cold wind from getting in!
I have pictures but I'll come back and add them because well.. The couch is very comfy, and I plan on laying here till the very minute I have to go to work :) boo!

Happy hump day!


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