Tuesday, November 18, 2008

It's begining to look a lot like christmas......

But I still have my ahh-mazing fall*atized pumpkins out. That's not weird right? Nope not at all.

Not much to say tonight other than I'm freezing, and someone get me out of MICHIGAN! Besides that though, we went to dinner and they had a face painter there for LB1! How fun! She wanted to be a princess (of course? Are there other options?)

How gorgeous! Everyone then wanted to be a fairy princess too.. :) Too bad they don't do parents because I would have rocked that look!
Aww. Look at her poor chapped bottom lips. :( poor babe!

Oh have I mentioned I got a virus! Yes, sure did. Antivirus2009. Do not click on it, not even the "X" to get out. It got me man, it got me. It however is fixed. for now .


Cara said...

The new layout is pretty. I love the facepaint, it looks so cute and she does look like a princess.

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