Thursday, November 6, 2008

Gosh darned.

"Are the Quesadillas good"

"Yes the quesadilla is very good ma'am. It's a large tortilla with cheese and salsa/sour cream served on the side. Garnish also comes on the side with some pico di galo"

20 minutes later...

"Excuse me, you lied to me"

"How did I lie to you ma'am?"

"You told me this wasn't spicy. And, I bit into this jalapeno pepper and it was very spicy."

"Well, then I'm sorry, I guess so."

Lets go ahead and see what went wrong here.
1. She did NOT ask me if it was hot and/or spicy. She asked me if it was good. Yes, it's delish. Not as good as T.B but, hey we don't have anything on the "bell".
2. Even if she DID ask me if it was spicy, I would have responded to no. Such as my response in the garnish comes on the SIDE. It's on the side for a REASON. Cheese has no spice to it. Period.
3. What did you think would happen when you take a bite of a big ol' jalapeno, it'd be sweet?
4. Next time, ask me if jalapenos are spicy, I will be sure to tell you they are.
5. Do not call me a liar. Don't be stupid. Think before you speak.


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