Sunday, November 30, 2008

Helllo Christmas! :) *Long Post, sorry!*

So still no painting of cabinets this thanksgiving weekend *sigh* oh well.. 12 more days. Like I said before I worked Thanksgiving and took a well deserved nap afterwords while Mr. P took the love bugs to his mom's house. It was nice, after my nap I watched Jon&Kate+8. They get a lot of mean things said about them, but I do love their kids- too freaking cute! Plus it had the wedding episode and well I loves me some weddin' shows! I've been meaning to show you some random things I've been trying to do. No time like now right?
My poor grass. :) Oh well, snow came today it's all covered. Please don't remind my husband of what's to come in the spring- silver, white and black grass! Well anywho, that's this little ladder shelf my mother in law gave me for the LB's.. it was a light stain and well that's just not my style so I spray painted it white. (If your wondering- that's my banister in the background. My neighbors probably thought I was on something wacky carrying that around my backyard at 8:00 at night! ) Once I painted this though, everything had to be painted. A chalkboard table for the girls. Fake pumpkins (90% off) for next year..which now sport some fancy polka dots..yay!
Ta Da! I still plan on adding some embellishments and of course pictures of the girls in the shelving, but c'mon it's about 130% BETTER than before.

Oh, and it's just some scrapbook paper on the back and ribbon down the front sides! Too easy.

Now on to Christmas projects. These are all copies- and I'm sorry I always mean to credit people on blog land. BUT I have to speed read everyone's posts.. a 10 month old is fast I tell you, once I turn my head she's into something shes not supposed to be in. But I will tell you that the Santa jars came from a idea on Just a Girl's Mr. Linky party... and the frames well, everyone has them.

I plan on filling these with some pretty bags filled with these The recipe that the Nester posted the other day. YUM tried them tonight...just wait you'll see the mess from that later.
Whats the verdict on the snowman one though? I'm not sure if I love him. He has glitter on his body but you can't see it in the picture due to CCS (Crappy camera syndrome) yes, no? I only made one so I could just keep him I suppose. Ah, oh well.

Just so your not like OMG..her kitchen is a mess look behind those jars- eww she lives in that?

Yes. Yes I do. Well, not always but today I do. I have about a million and two cabinets in my tiny 10x10 or 12x12 or WHATEVER kitchen, and there's no room. I'm using them as junk storage for the crafts going on right now. Lets see what I have- besides oreos, I moved those to munch on during my photo op. :)
Ugly garland, a canvas gone bad, glitter on a paper plate, mod podge, fake snow, paper towels..and well..... more unfinished cabinets.

These are the frames I'm making for the fam..Shh don't tell them. I thought they were cute. I know YOU guys think they are, since you all have them! You know what else though, a few weeks ago they had ones just like the family one but they said "Blessed" do you know how much those suckers were? .49 cents. Yep, I took 6 of them. I plan on doing them the same way, I have a big family....Ta da! Cheap cute gift.

Oh and say hi to my dog tequila..he's really shy I only get pictures of him running away.

That's all for tonight. Have I mentioned I really love the Christmas season?


The Baldini's said... when did you become the super artsy person...i cant make anything

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