Wednesday, December 3, 2008

The elf, has landed.

Yesterday Santa sent us a lovely present. He's an adorable addition to the family this Christmas season.

Everyone say hello to Christopher Pop-in-Kins.

He's holding on for dear life in LB1's room. He wanted to watch them play! But, poor Christopher flew off shortly after when LB turned on the fan. Luckily we have carpet and he turned out okay- no broken bones. We left him to rest, and when we came back, he was gone!

Searching and searching we figured he may be hungry and sure enough look what we found! He was drinking a Vanilla Coke. We put a few mini chocolate chip cookies in there, and I guess he was hungry because all that was left when LB checked on him was crumbs!

For those of you who aren't familiar with Elf on a shelf or Christopher Pop-in-Kins, he's a magical elf that comes the day after thanksgiving (or a little late if UPS can't overnight him-whoops!) and keeps a watchful eye on the children of the house and reports back to Santa. He's also pretty mischievous at night (or during the day at our house) having flour and cotton ball snowball fights on the counter.. putting toilet paper on the Christmas tree..Making the kids' Santa lists into paper planes.. you know all that jazz. We also write down all the things he does so we can leave his report out for Santa so he knows he's training some good little elves. All in good fun, I love making the girls childhood's magical.

This sure does it!


Kathy Eller said...

HOW fun! you are great!!

Baby Mama said...

I love this! I can't wait until DS is old enough for me to do it with him.

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