Tuesday, November 25, 2008


[Edit: Hey all commin' from TDC sorry for the old post but it's late and the dresser re-vamp was all I had on me! Enjoy!]
I was going through my photo files, trying to be motivated to paint my cabinets that have to be done by Dec. 12 when the counter top comes in! And, obviously it's not working because I decided to come here and post them. :) oops.

Oh well, picture time! Enjoy!

My attempt at scrapbook paper on some canvas. This picture was when I first started them.. they're all painted on the sides now.

This is LB1's dresser. It was my mom's when she was a little girl, it had seen better days. Think, old super glossy ivory with brownish gold accents. That's right- U.G.L.Y you ain't got no alibi you ugly yeah...... I mean. Anyway I painted the drawers pink (obviously) I tried out pink with a white handle on the bottom, and I didn't like it. So far LB hasn't noticed, if she has, it's not bothering her. However now its bothering me looking at it so, I might have to break out the hot pink paint....again. I put little dragonfly accents all over it. Love it.

Love Bug's letters which were ALMOST finished, till I ran out of ribbon for the Y. Are you noticing a trend going on here? These "close to done" projects. Sigh, someday. I hope my cabinets don't have the same fate. Can you imagine?

"Hi welcome to my new kitchen, with lovely tile floors, new paint, new counter tops and well, half painted cabinet doors."

You'd still enjoy being in my kitchen right? I knew you would.

Sick of pictures yet? Too bad.. there's more. I painted polka dots in LB1's room to match her pretty ol' walmart comforter. Love it.

We live in a tiny OLD cape cod so her room is long with low ceilings, it's cute for a little girls room though, right? The polka dots are really more "wow" looking, but the picture quality is horrible- Sorry. If you want feel free to buy me a new camera for Christmas. I wont mind.

One for the road.

Here's the princess that lives in this room. Yes, she really goes out like that.


Kathy Eller said...

Hi! I "found" you on Just a Girl....nice to meet you :) Love your projects!! Love the letters! Good luck on your cabinets. There is just never enough time and now you will have so many Holiday distractions :)

Sarah @ Thrifty Decor Chick said...

The dresser is adorable! Hey, I'm getting ready to do the same project with the scrapbook paper. What did you use to glue it on? When I use mod podge under or over paper it always bubbles up and drives me mad. Any thoughts?

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