Sunday, November 2, 2008

Where have I been!?

Goodness! It's been way too long. Sorry about that! I've been crazy busy with Halloween and my bestests birthday shindig.. She turned 30 this year, we held a "Dirty thirty" party. It was very cute. I made martini glasses that said that, with polka dot rhinestones all over it. Very fab if I say so myself! We all pitched in and got her a breast cancer awareness necklace with sapphires and diamonds... I hope she had a good time, and loved it! :)

Now for Halloween, LB1 was a witch AND the hulk. Basically a green witch but, hey, whatever floats her boat! I should have gotten her the big hulk fists to go with it :) LB2 was a ladybug, they were very cute!

ETA: I ALMOST FORGOT MY AAMAAZING BUCKET FOR THE CANDY! CUTE RIGHT? YEP, COPIED THAT IDEA TOO. But I forgot who, I'm sorry, I will find out and credit you!

Don't you just want to eat them up? I know I do.

Now that the best holiday ever Halloween is over, the next ones coming up and let me tell you a little about that.

I. Do. Not. Like. Thanksgiving.

I have no real rhyme or reason for this other than there is nothing to do other than eat and watch football. And, now that I'm *Sigh* "grown", it's even worse. I'm expected to help, or something. The last three years I've offered to work. There's actually a whole lot of people who choose to go out, and well count me in on that band wagon! The other plus side is people feel so bad for you having to work they bring in the big bucks. Cha-Ching! Like I said, no real reason other than I find it dull and same ol' same. I don't enjoy cooking very much, or so..can't cook. Anyway, can we skip it this year? Oh, we can great! Thanks! On to Christmas.


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