Thursday, December 4, 2008

Sometimes Momma has to be mean. Real Mean.

Every so often (daily) you see a table and you just know.

You know they're a pain in the ass. Yep I said it. Pain in the A.

"I'll have a lemonade, he wants a sprite and they'll both have a chocolate milk."

....."oh and uh, they uh still get free refills on chocolate milk, right?"

Number 1, the hesitation shows that you know they do NOT get free refills on milk. Where do you go where you get free refills on milk? Let me know- and I'll be there. I have a 3 year old milk fiend.
Number 2, don't go out if your not willing to pay for what you WANT. You want a milk, get it. Quit being cheap.

*No there are no refills on milk*

"Well we were here last week and we got free refills, maybe you should go check because I think that you're wrong"

*No actually I am not wrong, and if you'd like to give me the name of the waitress who gave them to you I'll see that she is terminated because she did NOT follow our policy.*

"Well I think you should check, we were here Sunday and they let us do it"

*Oh so she works on Sundays, good that limits it, I'll let the manager know. Anyway, do you want those milks or no?*

....."No they'll have sprites"

Sometimes I have to be this way. I apologize. It wasn't just the milk though. "I need I need I need" I hate that term, we NEED another 15 sides of gyro sauce even though we haven't opened the ones we have. We NEED a 3 inch stack of napkins, my child neeeeeds 6 refills on her sprite just to spite you because you wouldn't give her milk. Good choice, enough sugar to last her for the week. Nice. NEED is different than want.

"Could we please get another gyro sauce, we're not sure if one is enough." sounds so nice.

You need air to breathe, you WANT some freakin' ketchup. Different.

Sorry, had to go there.


Tristin said...

I've been looking over (and enjoying) your blog and this post CRACKED me up. Shoot. I have days where I need to vent like that, too.

For the record, I am always overly polite to my waiters and waitresses and always use my "please" and "thank you"s!

Great blog.

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