Tuesday, December 9, 2008

The life and times of Mommas kitchen.

Hello love! Remember when we first met? You had thick, old, worn out, peeling down wallpaper that I quickly tore down the day I moved in? Allowing you to finally breathe. Remember your old fake wood tiles that had enough dirt on them that I couldn't walk through the kitchen to the family room without a change of socks? Remember the used feminine hygiene product I found under the fridge? Yes, it was a scary moving day. But I knew you had potential. I loved you! You were MINE. I had enough faith in you, to sign my life away in a horrible economy because I wanted you to be MINE. You had that sparkle, just in 40 years, no one wanted to help you put on your makeup and let you shine!

Well baby, no day better than today!

Wow! Look what a whole day can do! You look gorgeous! How you've grown!

Well look at that! Not only did Mr.P I have enough time to cut down a load bearing wall, I threw in a little product placement into the mix. Because at our household, we only feed our kids the um, best cereal out there. Apple Jacks.

Oh gee! You look even prettier in the light, and look you put some layers on! I was going to say, should you really be naked in this 20 degree weather?

There you have it! My transformation of my lovely kitchen/dining room. What do you think? And, what are the thoughts on the white cabinets? Good choice right? The wall color is going to be Ivorie by S.W I believe... I need something that's light and airy.. Suggestions are welcomed, and encouraged! Cabinets are Popcorn by Behr.

I know of at least one person who likes the cabinets.


The Baldini's said...

looking good!!!!

Kathy Eller said...
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Kathy Eller said...

My first thought was "HOW cute is your little one!" My second thought is "HOW do you tear apart your kitchen with a little one, or HAVE a kitchen torn apart with a little one."


Handy Man, Crafty Woman said...

(going back and looking at some of your old posts.) how funny is this; when we did our kitchen over in our last house, we also have a picture of our son who was about 9 months old inside a kitchen drawer, lol! :-) too cute!

Great makeover of course!

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