Monday, January 26, 2009

But, MOMMMM, its not fair!

Why hello there? Have we met before? Oh its just been so long I've seem to forgotten! :) Mr. P's week long trips turned into month long trips- good thing he's trust worthy otherwise I'd thought he'd skipped out on us! ;) Rough at first, getting better, still teary eyed once in a while.

Enough of that, what's a girl to do when her husband leaves and the money freeze is pulled off the table ala, "your not home to tell me what not so spend anyways." SEARCH through e-v-e-r-y isle in target, hob lob, Micheal's, and sometimes the walmartz.
This also includes but is not limited to, lists. TO DO, NEED, WANT, CRAFTS. Do you also have the overwhelming urge to get things done when you realize you get to cross off an item on the list? Ahh, feel it with me. *Sigh* Yes.

I started organizing, we have too many DVDs/Games etc. and well, I decided to put them in mini CD cases.. voila` Separate by genre and your set. Now instead of 3 drawers of movies we barely watch, we have one drawer with 5 cases. Love it. I'd show pictures, and will but when I moved everything around, it threw me off and now I cant find where I put my camera..Brilliant idea Momma, I knew where it was in the clutter!
I used one of those handy over the door shoe holder for my bathroom to hold my curling irons and my blow dryer. Handy! And it's see through so I can see the little bobby pins I have hiding on the bottom. Those suckers get lost all over the place otherwise! I got one for my closet for the shoes too, might as well use it for what its made for! What else what else? Oh, photo boxes for the hallway closet for items such as(but not limited to.. :)..) Sun block, camera stuff (yet the cameras not in there..hmm?) Meds, stockpile crap-o-la... and more.. but well you get the jist.

I also cleaned the carpets and ALMOST finished my kitchen! You'd be so proud! There's a glitch in the dining room floor though, I can't handle it- it must be fixed before I show you. But be ready! It's cute, and perfect. It's me ala kitchen.

Oh and guess who turns 1 next week wed! LB2 Shes so amazing! I can't believe I don't have an infant anymore :( I even got her a big girl car seat yesterday. Shh, don't let me think about it, then I'll want another and well, with MR.P gone, that'd be kinda hard to explain if he came back and I had a bun in the oven! :) I kid I kid.

This is way over the limit for lengthwise. Sorry! I'm just excited to get back into the game! :)


Kathy Eller said...

Good job keeping busy!!! SOunds very exciting over there! I want to SEE!!!

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