Wednesday, February 4, 2009

What I've been up to..

Like I said before, I've been up to some lovely projects and organizing. Enjoy.

These soap and handsanatizer bottles are a stolen and genius idea, from Chris at Love them, hopefully LB1's teacher does too.. Oh who am I kidding, of course she will.

And, these have been floating around blogland for a while I suppose, but I just jumped the bandwagon. I made a plate, well I drew on it atleast. And, baked it. Voila` It's beautiful. Besides the smudge I didn't notice first, and well.. didn't get to yet.

Oh and notice that new countertop these projects are laying (lying?) on? Yes thats my new countertop. It's in, its beautiful. I'm in love.

Remember this?

It's not done, but so far, it's this.

Yep, new floor. Ala` Momma! See that glimpse of beadboard on the side of the cabinets? Yep! My idea too! Oh you don't see the trim? No thats because it's not there yet. No problem, nothing some mistreatments can't fix right? :)

And yes, my chain on the light is wayyyy too long and I just looped it. It'll be fixed. Mind you, Mr. Perfect works out of town for basically forever and a day, and well that thing is HEA-VY! I could only hold it up so long. And well the table said the same thing about me so that wasnt an option either.

Night all!


Chris said...

Oh my! Those bottles turned out beautifully! I, too, have the "love" sticker! Looks like the kitchen area is coming along beautifully, too! Show that off when it's done!

The Baldini's said...

YOu are crazy do you have time for stuff like that!!!

Kathy Eller said...

It looks soooo good. How did that happen with you working, having two littles and an away husband? I am speechless.

We live in Southern CA Santa Barbara County. It has been in he 80s most of Winter. Sounds nice but hard to get into the holidays etc, feel a little cheated out of Autumn and Winter...but it is raining now.

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