Saturday, February 28, 2009

The Bench.

Okay, warning you ahead of time of something that you already KNOW. I have a craptastic camera- sorry in advance.

See the ugly gold fabric? Pretty hip huh? Oh, I don't cut in straight lines, your okay with that right? Otherwise the rest of the pictures are gonna be rough for you :)

I put a ton'o'batting on it, (I didn't have any foam around but I did have batting for worked fine for me, I just tried to make it one big even pile..even if it's not-it'll even out as people sit on it...lets hope:) )and covered with some white cotton fabric otherwise the black and white would have shown through, not so cute.

I bought some of those button maker thingys to put a few buttons on the top with the left over fabric, and well I used the only thick thread I had left (bright ol' red) and meant to tie it up with some buttons through the bottom like I see everyone else do. HOWEVER, all my buttons were too small and well- to be perfectly honest it didn't work...totally not my fault it was all the button. I didn't have the patience to work with it anymore. I tied them together and ended the chaos.

It is SOO fluffy now, it's like sitting on a big pillow! I love it. You can't really tell but I sanded it also to make it look worn. Husband's response? "Why did you paint it if your just going to beat it up again?"

*Sigh* Men.

You can almost see where it dips down from the buttons. It's so much prettier in real life. Love it.


Kathy Eller said...

And I am very impressed with your handiwork.

Thanks so much for your comment...funny thing is I really took it to heart and trust you. Funny because I am ignoring so much of what people say lately and here you are, so many states away, never have met and meaning so much to me :)

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