Friday, February 27, 2009

Busy bee.

Well I have to work tonight argh, and it's friday. So, I'll be running around the house trying to clean up before Mr. P comes home so he can think that I keep the place top notch while he's gone. Know the glade commercial while she just sprays some glade about the house and then goes out and does her own thing? Yeah that's me all week. Wait did I just admit to that?

But between loads of laundry I'll be working on this.

It used to be in my bedroom when I was in high school, and it belonged to my great grandma- so it's pretty special. It started out with icky goldish greenish fabric...ew, so when I first dipped my toe into the decorating pool I just threw some zebra fabric on it. Now it's getting a whole rehab. Remember that red toile fabric? Yes, see my vision? Me too.
Anyone notice what's wrong with this picture? I do.


Chris said...

I'm counting the minutes 'til you show off the "new" bench!

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