Tuesday, February 24, 2009

How many days till spring?

So, I've been locked in my house, held captive by a 3 year old and a 1 year old. I Knoww right? What's a girl to do? Remember this?

Yes, gives me the chills too.

Well, 11 o'clock came rolling around one night and as I was cleaning out said cabinet, I found a teeeny tinny bit o' black paint left. You understand where I'm going with this? Built in....Bookshelf...yes...right..yes..do it. So I did just that, I did it. I painted my built in black. Yep.

Then, I watched design on a dime. Wanna know what they did? They took bead board (if you didn't know, bead board=love around these parts) slapped it on the front of a cabinet and put trim around it. So, I don't think the black is going to last..Some gorgeous white beadboard..ahh..feels good. feels right. Good thing, I haven't even finished the doors..HA, darn that motivation, it sneaks up on me and then doesn't come knockin' till weeks later. Oh yeah, I didn't sand either- notice the scratches? Yep that happens when you don't sand. Whatev... no big deal right? haha ohh and about the backs? Well since my arm was too tired to stretch in there and paint I could easily cover it up with pretty scrapbook paper, it wasn't necessary. :)


Look what this lucky girl got today,

Can you take some wild guesses on what I'm going to do with these items? Hmm...

One more of the bird because it's sooo cute, and from target...it was like a dollar, c'mon couldn't pass him up.


Chris said...

Oh my! I love the black! I'm confused about the beadboard though. Just a slab of it on there? Anyway...the black looks great. What about painting your doors with trimmed out chalkboard paint? That might be cute. Regardless, I LOVE the black!

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