Thursday, February 12, 2009

Love, it must be Love.

*Sniff Sniff* Oh hello my name is Momma and I'm still SICK! And LB1 has a double ear infection :( her first one ever! LB2 has a horrible cough and a icky boogie nose! You know your a mom when it's totally normal and acceptable for you to go at your youngest daughters nose with tweezers to get the sticky boogs out.

On a happier note, yesterday it was 60..yes that's.. six-zero.. degrees outside!!! It was amazing! My yard is ugly dead grass now instead of ugly dirty snow! :) However, this just in. It's snowing right now. *Sigh* Maybe in a few hours it'll be nice again- it is Michigan, so here's to wishin!

Okay on to the Love Lovin' goin' around mommaville. I wanted to make something cute for my work friends (W.F if your reading this avert your eyes until Saturday!) because well, I love them. And, since Mr. Perfect is out of town I need a different Valentine. How about 8! :) Lucky girls they are.

I stole borrowed some canning jars from my mom and Valentinesed (Yes I just went there) them out. Cute huh? Very easy, I put the paper on the inside because in my eyes it looked better but it could be on the outside too. Added the ribbon and the pin, they had little tags on them but they kept getting pulled on by little fingers magically pulled off while I wasn't in the room. They're getting filled with some delish dove chocolate, mainly because that's all I have in my house and if I don't get rid of it soon Mr. P is gonna come home to a naked Momma because she won't fit into any of her clothes.

Now that I think about that, he might like that. Hmm.. I could go to the store still and pick up some other candy......

Oh yeah- the jars. I made a special one for the girls Mema, she watches them during the week for us and on date nights and LB1 has a very special relationship with her so we decided to put LB1's memories in it for her. We made a big ol' list of why we love our Mema and special times they've had together and stuffed them in there.

My favorite was "I love my Mema because she buys things just for me that I don't have to share with my sister."

I made another sanitizer bottle for my friend who is a teacher, she was going to get a jar full of chocolate, but to be completely honest the girl doesn't need one more piece of candy!

Kidding, that skinny minny could use some meat on her bones, but really she is a teacher and was JUST complaining about going through so much purel during the week, and my light bulb went off.

I wish I had more time to make my house pretty for v-day. I had a big list of things I wanted to do but I'm just soooo busy blowing my nose and wrangling kids to put ear drops in I just seemed to run out of time. :)

All you girls that I stalk daily, sometimes hourly glance at every once and a while who have these amazing ideas, I love you. Thank you for giving me something to look at and wish that I could make! I wish you all could be my Valentines! Or, the other way around so I could get all your cool loot! I mean, oh never mind I'm not fooling anyone.

Love you girls!


Kathy Eller said...

Im sorry your little ones are sick. Thats horrible. We just did that. Now, Im glad that we are so geographically far--I KNOW we didn't infect you :)

Your gifts are so great and so sweet. I had great plans that didnt pan out...I think I was too busy with sickos.

Nicole Tuesley said...

I LOVE these!
your so creative!

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