Wednesday, February 11, 2009


What do you do when your hallway closet that is supposed to hold, everything.......
....Literally does, and ends up looking like this?

Duh- you shut the door? Ha, or so I thought for 3 years. Not anymore though, not anymore I tell you.

You go to HobLob and buy some photo boxes (**Half off this week, turn off the computer and run.. You can read the rest later. RUN. 2.00ish a box! Go!) And put everything in its place! See all those camera cords.. no reason not to be in the Camera & Accessories Box. Need some band aids? Well, you can guess where those are....

Um, so you caught me, I only did the top half of the closet. I didn't realize how many boxes I needed and didn't get enough. But I had to stop and take a picture for blogger, naturally. But the top half looked just like the bottom so you get the picture. I don't think I like the red labels though. Kind of makes me want to, puke. Not really but are they ugly in red? Something about the red and white makes me upset? Maybe it's the icky-supposed-to-be-white paint that the cabinets are that are now a dingy 40 year old yellow. It's making it look not so clean I feel. Thoughts?

Oh and I bought one of these for LB1's school stuff. I went from a million and then some pictures all over the fridge to one or two. Pretty good I'd say. She likes being able to look at her stuff too.

Don't you feel so much better when your house slowly but surely gets cleaned up and organized? I do!


Kathy Eller said...


My everything closet has clear shoe boxes with *labels* (I use that rerm roughly) It works but yours is prettier.

There IS something funky about the red but I wouldnt know how to fix terrible with stuff like that. BUT Id come over and cheer you on and be excited for you...or leave LOONG comments on your blog saying nothing....Yes I would.

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