Wednesday, February 4, 2009

My love, my life.

I prayed for this child and God has given me what I asked of Him 1Samuel 1:27
Almost Two years ago I decided to have another baby. Yes, I was barely 20. I was still too young, still too crazy. What was I thinking? What was I thinking when I had my first at 18? Well, your right..the first time I wasn't.
Things changed. I wasn't 18 anymore, I was a mom with a family, in a little house with a little dog. A house with pictures in them. Pictures of a family of three.

Someone was missing. 20 or not, something was missing. Everyone said I was crazy when I was going to actually TRY and get pregnant. Gasp! Who does that when they have the rest of their lives ahead of them?
Oh you didn't get the memo? Your life ends with children. Anyways we planned and...tried. And planned and tried. Nothing, no baby? It wasn't this hard the first time? Time went by, and after 50 or so pregnancy tests one finally gave me what I wanted. +

Flash forward 9 months...

Hello beautiful.

Today is her birthday. We went out, had some fun. A fellow mom said to me "Your my daughters age and you have two kids?"

Yes, yes I do.

At 18, yes I wanted to be free. Move far away somewhere warm make a ton'o money and worry about numero uno.

At 21 I want to be a mom. My children are the absolute best thing that were given to me. I'm not the average 21 year old, I'm a mommy. Is it so hard to look at me without sad eyes at what my life could have been? Instead seeing how amazing my life really is? I have no regrets, why do strangers with no clue, tell me how hard it must be.

Babe, the bars ain't got nothin' on you! ;)

Happy Birthday love, my life.


My3Ro's said...

That was beautiful. My children are also my world. She is beautiful

Chris said...

She is a CUTIE! Happy Birthday! I couldn't see an e-mail for you, but I wanted to let you know that your comment on my post made me laugh! Thank you!

Kathy Eller said...

I love you. I dont say that to many people and I dont even *know* you. You are right. About so many things. I ahve been thinking about the stages and stages of life. we have poor you who lost your youth....(which first of all you didnt you're spending it training and playing with your kids which sounds more youthful than another margarita on a bikini clad spring break) How cool will it be to be a grandma in your fourties? People who wait and wait for the right time to have a baby, will they miss out on their grandchildren. Or will they not enjoy them because they are mad at their kids for wasting their youth? My in laws are doing that. Im sick and ranting. I'll go now.

WAIT! happy Happy birthday to your princess! She is beautiful!

Lovely Little Nest said...

aw Happy Birthday to her!!

And by the way, your attitude us SO refreshing. I never understood why people look down on young mothers. It is clearly a blessing!

Dani said...

I had my first child at 19, and at 20 decided I wanted another. I was married, had a place of my own and knew that mothering was the greatest thing I could do with my life. I had my second and 21. Now, at 27, I have an 8 yr old and a 6 yr old. I raise a few eye brows, but I love my life! Congrats to you :)

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