Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Those sneaky leprechauns..

LB1 and I made a trap and look what happened! Little fella' ate his way out!

We baited him with an apple and some pennies. Look what he left! Some lovely gold and a bitten apple.. Oh what's that? He must have drank the water because it's green!

Silly boy, he must have been extra thirsty because he got into the fridge too! Whaat?? Green milk? Yeah that's just nasty.

Maybe I'll be back after breakfast. Turns out he seemed to have made the eggs and pancakes green also! So, hopefully LB1 is excited. Otherwise me running around the house figuring out what I can squirt some food coloring in will be totally ridiculous. :)


Kathy Eller said...

You are too fun! We should ahve come to your house today. I did nothing to celebrate. Normally I work hard to make fun of ordinary days, but I had nothing.

I would like a big Guiness though....OK...thats just depressing! Sounds like I REALLY need to get into decorateing for Easter :)

The Baldini's said...

You are such a good mom...what a great idea!!!!

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