Monday, March 16, 2009

Welcome...take your coat off, stay a while.

Sorry about the lateness! Blogger wouldn't let my photos upload, BUT it's still Monday! So.. we're up and running- hope you enjoy!

So as I said, we're not starting off with my kitchen. Or my entryway for that matter. We starting off with the *most* almost finished room. Besides a cute table and chairs, curtains and one more set of painted circles to be finished (If I ever actually get to it). But, it's not perfect and I'm okay with that, big LB loves it and that makes me love it too.

It started off with this painting. No real reason, other than I just loved the whimsy to it. How I do love pale pink and shabby chic, LB1 is a crazy girl- hot pink polka dots where an obvious choice.

And, how lucky was I to find a polka dot comforter set in my price range at Wal-mart! It's not my dream set, but it's held up for almost 2 years now and it's cute enough.

You may remember this dresser? It's a rehab that used to be my moms set when she was a little girl! Got rid of the ivory and gold and added some cute scrapbook stickers. Love it! She has a sister dresser- but sister dresser is in younger sisters room. :) She stands alone and proud.

And, for fun- the opposite wall. Yes, she has a t.v, and a makeshift potty room goin' on here. Just keepin' it real. Even though these built-ins create a ton of issues with bed placement.. they are lovely to keep our out of seasons and big toys (they're reallllly deep dressers). Love them!

And, for a little more whimsy...her fluttering butterflies hanging from the room. There's only two right now, but I'm waiting for HobbyLobby to have them 50% off. Soon, so soon.

Hope you enjoyed the big girls room! She's very happy to have you!


Jennspiration said...

What a cute little girls room! I love the built in drawers!

Sarah @ Thrifty Decor Chick said...

I love this room!

That Girl said...

We have an older cape cod with 2 built-ins but they arent in my daughters room....guest room and dining room.
Your daughters room is cute!

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