Monday, April 13, 2009

Pretty things.

Look what came in the mail today! I Finally won a give-away! I'm so excited especially because this is so freakin' cute and LB1 loves it, and I'm sure LB2 does too.. She just would rather put it in her mouth at the moment. I take that as a good sign though.

I won it from my dear friend Kathy @ Having a Hallelujah good time, Check her out! She was the first person to comment on my blog, and she's stayed ever since! That takes strength. I talk a lot about nothin' most of the time. Anywho, she started doing reviews and I'm lovin' it. Please check her out. She's sweet like caaandaay. You might too, win something gorg-u-ous.

So, let's talk business. I mentioned before I want to start an Etsy shop. And, before I chicken out and run away like a dog with it's tail between it's legs. I wanna have a give-away day. Week, Month. Something to see how my stuff goes. I wanna know if ya'll like it. The best part of blogging is, with these girls even if what you make isn't that great, the women are and they'll support you no matter what. SO I shouldn't be scuuured. But, I am.

But, I have a secret.

What I'm making is fabulous.

Here's the deal. I'd like to come back next Monday at start my give-away. I'll pick a winner by Wednesday night and have the fabooshness out by Thursday at high noon. ;) Anyone have a guess to what it is?

If you end up liking what I have, I may even open shop early instead of May 1st like I originally planned. Oh, and for a discounted price because I luh-ve you guys.

Any thoughts, ideas, opinions welcome.

I'm new to this.


I reek of freshmen meat over here.


Stacia Howard said...

Who doesn't love a giveaway?
Good luck with your shop! And I can't wait to see what it is your making. I really have no clue! lol

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