Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mothers Day!

*Those coming from Pretty Organized Palace, the dresser before/after is down at the bottom! Very late to the party, but I made it! Enjoy!*

Happy Mamas Day, to all you hot mamas out there! :) I hope you all got to rest and love on those babies that are so precious!

Well, I lived through the flu. It was HORRIBLE. I wouldn't wish that on my worst enemy. Well, maybe. But, no one I liked, that's for sure! The days home to rest helped, especially for today. The day that E-V-E-R-Y-O-N-E, and their Mother (get it) goes out to eat. I'm one tired girl!

Speaking of work- a co-worker of mine's husband, who ALSO works with me... Asked if I'd help him come up with something for Mothers day for the Mrs. Well, since I started up my shop that has nothing in it, but a super cute banner- Fingerprints on the Fridge - I got to thinkin'. And, I thunk. And, thought some more.

What Mama doesn't love a frame? What Mama doesn't love hand made? What Mama doesn't love her child? I mean, wait what?
I came up with this lovely. For the record the heart is baby cakes Ariston's fingerprints. How cute right? I know- it is. :)

It's the same 12x12 frame I used in the love bugs hand print projects. It's so pretty! I added the scrapbook paper for the frame and did the writing by myself. I just might make one for Fathers day! Mr. P, you didn't hear read that.

Another project I worked on this week was this dresser.

I got a lot of comments on how cute it was, and I felt really bad because that was the before picture. I started to worry that maybe I shouldn't have painted it? Well, LB2's room is yellows blues turquoises etc. So, the blue works a lot better than the pink- A LOT. BETTER. I love it, it SCREAMS spring to me.

I also picked up some of these plastic plates from Meijer for her room, they're also going to be the prettiest blue in the world.

And, no I'm not above hanging plastic Easter plates on my child's wall as decor.



Kathy said...
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Kathy said...

Happy Mothers Day Rachelle! Im sorry that you had to work :(

I LOVE what you made for your co-worker...GREAT JOB!

I like the dresser MUCH better! Imcurious what knobs you will choose....

How did your followers number explode??? Did everyone discover your amazingness?

Stacia Howard said...

Happy Mother's day!!

Glad to hear you are feeling better. I had the sinus infection from hell this dec-feb, couldn;t get rid of it, so I know how u feel.

Dresser is super cute! And I cant wait to see what your doing with the plates!

LOVE the frame you made! Framed ANYTHING is one of my faves!

Can't wait to see what your going to put in your shop! I've been checking almost daily!

beth said...

love the finished dresser, and the frame, too! so so cute!

Cher said...

That frame is darling--so cute! Hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day! Stopping by from SITS!

Kristin said...

Such fabulous ideas! So sorry to hear you were sick but your munchkins are adorable! Hi from SITS!

Jen said...

Oooo, that dresser is so pretty. I just stopped by from SITS to say hello.

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