Sunday, June 14, 2009

House hunting

The bad thing about having decorators ADD? When that DADD makes you want a brand new house, oh about every other year. Today I went open housing, it's an amazing hobby of mine. Sundays are GREAT to find a few lovelies!
Today however, I hit the JACKPOT! It's actually only 4 blocks down from my house, same street. It's a beaut. Only 1 bathroom though. Bummer. But I'd gladly trade them- even steven. Right now I'm loathing my house. Don't ask.

On another lovely note- three weeks till LB1 turns 4! I'm planning her party as we speak. It's going to be adorable! Just you wait!
I'll give you a hint.... PB&J... and fireworks.... Maybe a hot dog or two. But, don't tell the Mom police! :)


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