Sunday, June 21, 2009

Spring Cleaning

Or summer cleaning, I should say! It's about 600 or so degrees up here in the mitten, give or take. Last weekend I slaved in the semi-rain during our neighborhood garage sale. It gave me just enough motivation to tackle the monstrosity that is LB1's closet.

I was too embarrassed to take any before pictures, sorry. But, I took plenty of afters and they're GORG.All the winter clothes are packed away *yay* and everything else is organized by color. Love that. I also just tried a new thing- and put her pants in the closet rather than the dresser, leaving room for her pj's and such. I like it so far. We'll see.

She's in the big room as I've said before so she has the biggest closet. Get ready to laugh. Big closet around here is about 3'x2'. But it's got some nice built ins and the ghost's closet door, um...we'll talk about that later.Some 5.99 cloth bins from target and she's got a spot for her aqua doodles, baby stuff, play food and blocks. The small baskets that are under the clothes were from Easter. They sell them at the dollar store though, I love them! They come in a ton of colors too! Perfect for those little barbie pieces and Polly pockets. Or legos, if that's how you roll.

LB1 is pretty good at collecting things, lately it's baskets. This is only half of them.
Maybe this week the itty bitty love bugs room will be done. Wish me luck!


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