Sunday, June 28, 2009

The Kitchen, Part 1209.

Anyone wonder what's been going on with this mess? It's been at a halt. But for entertainment purposes and to kick myself to hurry up and finish it. I'll show you the biggest pain in the neck project we've done.

Oh, the other reason is because today is the first day in months the kitchen is absolutely clean. Give it 10 minutes with a 3 year old and a 18 month old. It'll be back to it's old ways soon.

Let's reminisce.

Before: Old, ugly, no cabinet space, 4 feet of counter space. Fo' real.

During: Dusty, crowded, gave me a twitch.

After: Ahh. Room! Every pot and pan has a place, we have a real life dining room, and enough counter for a breakfast bar. Whoohoo! (Now only if we had some bar stools!!)

It's not decorated by any means, I just threw some stuff up there so it wasn't so- Blah. And, the poor dining room with just a table- It's been begging me to fix that swag. I'm about to take Nesters idea on how to get a light fixture put up correctly. Think it'll work for the floor trim too? Oh well, I'll let up on Mr. P, considering he's gone all but two days a week. I'm a nice wife like that :)

The best part about this make-over? It only cost us around 1800.00 total. Yeah, I said that right. The trick? Being cheap thrifty. We bought all unfinished cabinets which made a huge difference. That was a big chunk of change from our budget, but compared to what we could have spent, awesome. The counters are laminate as granite just wasn't in the budget for us. 400.00 for all that, can you believe it? Me either. It's still just lovely. The back splash wasn't supposed to be on there. But, after all the problems we had with the company I just wasn't sending it back again! Half of the floor was already tiled so we just needed to do the dining room. They're just peel and stick, we got a huge deal on them, the whole room was about 10 bucks- no really. That kind of deal! Some people hate it, but it's a quick update and looked 100000.8 times better than what was under there before shudder.
We did everything ourselves except for the electricity in the dining room, which was worth the 40 bucks, knowing we wouldn't be electrocuting ourselves. :) However with all those windows we barely need those horribly swagged lights.
And, of course the hardware, it all came from Target. They have packs of 10 or something of the sort for 20 bucks. They're lovely.

So, fixing up a kitchen on the cheap is possible. Taking good pictures of it though, I can't promise that.


Chris said...

Woah! WHAT a transformation! You should be proud of it!

Kathy said...

I want to sit in your dining room. That is a good sign, right?

Kasey said...

it looks beautiful.

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