Tuesday, July 14, 2009

4.00 Serving tray re-do

As I was browsing the end caps at Target a few months ago I noticed this black tray. Cute enough, and for 4 bucks..why not?
I took it home, and pondered. It was nice, but not right for my house. So, it sat. Under my lamp.. which sits on my bench.Ya know so the lamp didn't tip off the cushion..with two kids, it's bound to happen..I really should get some tables one of these days...and less hyper kids...

Oh yeah, the tray. Right. Pay attention Rachelle!

This was the.. 30 seconds after I started spray painting it before. Notice I'm reusing my picnic cloths from the party this weekend? Yay!

This is after.

Total cost 7.00, Actually I lied, it was 6.99. 4 for the tray and 2.99 for the burlap. The paint was free from my stash. It's nice and rustic now, I have to touch up the paint. Friggin' glass was glued to the tray so I couldn't remove it to spray paint and it was NOT fun trying to tape around the glass. Ugh. So, for now- it'll do, until I get me some Heirloom white paint.
This project actually made me think of a 1000 more things I want to do to this tray. We'll see how long it stays like this.


Chris said...

Ooooh, love it! Not bad for 7...er...$6.99!!

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