Saturday, July 18, 2009

Busy doing..

While Mr. P is away, the girls will go out and play!

Lovely week of this..

and this..

some of this..

and more of this..

Much needed break at the beach. So fun, LB2 tried to crash a couple times on the sand. She was POOPED! She's so cute, one of these days I'm just gonna eat her up. Serious.

However, today all of us at the lovebug household had a garage sale. (Too much work, but 124.70 And, let me tell you.. I understand and it's Michigan and all. But, it was wayyy to cold out for July. I think I might have saw a snowflake.

Jus' sayin'.


Kathy said...

FUN! Summer is going by so fast! Looks like you ladies are making the most of it!

$124.17 huh? Very cool!

It was over 80 degrees here today. Worlds away but I feel like I could just about touch ya :)

Ann said...

Oh what a way to relax ... your girl is soooo cute:)

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