Tuesday, August 18, 2009

9.99 Painters canvas drop cloth.

I bought another pair of drop cloths to make curtains for my bedroom. But my couch was calling my name.

"Rachelle, cover me. Please!" So, I listened. I just draped it on and tucked a bit. Didn't iron. Didn't staple. You know why? Because it doesn't matter. It was a 47 second fix. I covered up the print and made it a thousand times better. Hopefully whoever buys my house isn't buying it for my ironing skillz.. If they are, I am S-C-R-E-W-ED!

Pillows- free. Side table- free. Lamp from my living room- free. Everything in this room was something I already had lying around. Loves it!

I told you I'd clean up this weekend! I did! I moved all the movies from our entertainment stand and put them down here. Two reasons for this.

1. It left open not one, but four drawers for me to throw toys in when someone wants to come for a showing and I don't have time to organize all the 1000000 Polly pockets we have lying around.

2. It helped me cover up these stupid built ins. A little bit of staging never hurt anyone right?

The Barry Sanders poster was my husband's idea. I had to let him have a little input in the room. That was it. Go hubs! Go on with your bad self!

And did I mention the best part- all free!


Kathy said...

The basement entertainemnet center looks meant to be. Good JOB! But....where will Hulk Hogan sleep?

I dont have a Lowe's and I don't have living room curtains!

Polly pockets multiply and open boxes and scatter themselves. It's true!!

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