Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Cha-cha-cha changes..

So it's finally time. Time for the little blog that could, to grow up into a big girl blog! :) I've made an executive decision to give myself a kick in the tush to really put my everything and then some into Fingerprints on the Fridge over at Etsy. If ya'll remember I chickened out and hated on myself. I'm a critiquer- it's true- sue me. But since then I've been creating things here for friends and friends of friends and loving it! Creating custom items for teeny tiny babies and mothers day gifts, birthday presents and more. It's amazing how calming it is doing what you love.

So, I'm not giving a timeline for it because that stresses me out. But I am changing my blog name to Fingerprints on the Fridge so they can be coworkers. Nothing else will change- not a thing. Same corny sarcastic humor? Check. Same overload of lovebug pictures? Check. Same crappy camera? Only until Christmas (Hint hint husband!!!) Things will be added though, more of my projects and creations. Just more- no less!

But don't be worried when you see Fingerprints on the Fridge on the sites you follow. It's me. Just growin' up.


Joyce @ Cheap Frills said...

Congrats! On growing up and your etsy store. I cannot wait to go check it out! I will be trying to open my own shortly as well. Have a great day!

The Tidy Brown Wren said...

You go, Girl!! I can't wait to check out your etsy treasures. Keep up the good work.

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