Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Wednesdays rock.

Wednesdays are my new favorite. I get to sit down and watch these people, and literally laugh out loud, by myself, in the quiet of my house. Laugh so hard that I alwaysalmost..just almost..pee. Go to ABC at 9. It'll be like we're all watching it together. Don't worry though, in between commercials I'm painting the big pain in the butt side table downstairs. :) Tomorrow I'll be able to show you! Stay tuned!

Oh and ABC definitely did not pay me for this awesome publicity. But if they'd like to I'd be happy to let them. Or, even just ask me to join the cast and crew so I can pee my pants in person hang out. I'd be more than willing to.


A Wedding Story said...

I love your blog design!

The Harris Family said...

I love that show too! It is so funny. (I also run and finish projects during commercials)

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