Friday, May 28, 2010

Fancy 4 Fridays

My pal Kimmie is having her first ever party!

Woohoo! She wants to know whats been tickling our fancy lately.. Such a cute idea, no? So-- here we go!

1. Is no surprise, I've talked about it before but I just finished the most recent book by Charlaine Harris. I started out becoming obsessive by watching the HBO show, which is kind of like Twilight. But 100% not sutible for anyone under, say.. 21. For reals.

What can I say though? Love it.

He might have something to do with it. But let's not tell Mr. P that.

2. Words with Friends on my iphone. It's scrabble, but on my phone. I play it all day long. Serious. I can't lose. Have an Iphone and want to play? Let me know!

3. This lake that is calling my now that it's summer!

4.  Pretty much everything this girl writes about is something that I love to read. I've read her blog from start to finish. Don't tell her, the stalker alarm might go off.. :)

Okay so that's that! Thank you Kimmie for having me update my "lovin" list! Now, go on and do yours girls! :)


Jess said...

I love the Sookie books, so much better then Twilight!

and I love words with friends, make a game with me! Ladiej37

Dollie said...

Love love love the Sookie books, sometimes they're a little etter than the show... (Although the show has GREAT eye candy!!)

Words with friends is AWESOME! You can play a game with me dmc306... Like you I am constantly playing it.

Hope you have a great weekend


Betsy Thompson said...

OOOO, I can't wait to start to read those now! I LOVED Twilight, so I can't wait to get my hands on something else I can get obsessed with.

Betsy Thompson said...

BTW, that lake is calling my name too!

Lacie @ Creative Attempts said...

I am totally adding these to my to read list. And I am gonna add the scrabble app to my iPad so we will have to have a game :)

Anonymous said...

Is that Grand Haven, MI? I'm a St. Louis girl, but I've been going up to Michigan for years since I was little! said...

I love the books and the show!!! I haven't tried scrabble on my Itouch yet. I love word games!


brandy said...

Thank you SO much for the feature!! :)

Kimmie @ live fancy. said...

My linky party got two links. You were one of them. FAIL.

Thank you for trying to get my blog to not suck. I'm going to avoid linkys like the plague on my blog from now on. HA.

Misssss youuuuuu.

Amanda @ Serenity Now said...

I haven't read the latest Sookie book yet!! LOVE them all, but totally need to be at least, like, 22, before you should read them. ;) Maybe I'll go use my Border's coupon tonight!

Kory said...

totally following you, it was blog love at first sight when I saw your true blood reference ;) I am totally obsessed with Alex Skarsgard (Eric). Anyhoo, I love your creativity and sense of humor!

mommagurl32 said...

Just got done reading the lastest "Dead in the Family" this morning! I also just ordered True Blood season 2 from Blockbuster, I can't wait to watch it!

I also love Words...but I have to warn you... I am very good! I am Mommagurl32


mrs. c said...

True Blood is such a fun show to watch! It's so campy and as you say not really suitable for youngesters but my 20 year old son watching it with me and we love it! Have not read the books but may have this on my summer read list, oh, in a week or two I'm getting an I-Pad and I would like to play scrabble with you! I just love that game!!!

Erin said...

LOVE the Sookie books. But I must say the Kerrelyn Sparks series was even better!!! =o)

Anonymous said...

Words with friends rocks my world! I have it on my itouch! My name (well, hubby's actually) is mattmoore79

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