Sunday, June 27, 2010

Bedroom Deets

Hi ya'll (Yep, I just went there--again!) Thanks so much for your lovely comments about my bedroom make over! So glad you liked it! We here at Casa Fingerprints LOVE it. The man says its like sleeping in a nice hotel room from our honeymoon in Mexico. I'd say I did pretty good then if he's okay with kissing pleat bedding something very girly in my mind! :) Everything was done on a super tight budget-- think slim pickins. So I've got the rundown for you!

{Bedroom redo '10}
Bedding: Target 89.00  
This was the most expensive thing that was purchased :) a splurge for comfort. 
Lamp: Goodwill, it's from Target though. 15.00
Shade: Walmart 14.00 
Is it sad I paid almost the same for the shade as I did the whole lamp?
Blinds: Home Depot 16.00 pc.
They had a ton of different sizes too, so if you think that you can't have fabulous blinds for your windows because they're a funky measurement they might just have them! They're rolled up, and called Miranda I think. 
Curtains: Walmart! Yup, just plain ol' fabric from Walmart. Under 3.00 a yard.
Empty Frames & Candle sticks: Hobby Lobby 80% off 
I didn't pay anything more than 6.00 a pc for those frames. FABULOUS time to get frames. Look how thick and chunky that black one is, I have big plans for it once I fill that space with something else! 
Potted plants: Ikea 3ish dollars
White pot: Ikea Cheap? Under 5.00
Tin antrho #4 Pot: TJ max 3.99! Score!

Well that's it folks! For under 300.00 I changed the entire feel of this room! I couldn't be happier! A lot of people think that the bedroom is the last room to redo which is how I felt too, but now I wish I did it when we first moved in! It's so nice to calm down in there, listen to whats going on outside, feel the fan. Ah, loves it. I even started making my bed when I get up in the morning, for some reason when the bed is made, I subconsciously pick up the floor and tidy up the top of the dresser. It's like it WANTS me to clean it. :) Just to enjoy it more.

There's my spiel.


Kristen @ said...

that is pretty awesome! Good job for the tight budget, I LOVE the Target bedding!

blueskiesandgreenlights said...

You did a really great job on your bedroom re-do. It does look like a fancy hotel room!!!

We are just about to get our going. I have saved it for the last room in the house. We have never had a mommy and daddy space, so we are excited.

Wish me luck. I hope I can get it done as classy and lovely as you did on my super tight budget too.


marty (A Stroll Thru Life) said...

Such a pretty and inviting room. Just shows that with a really keen eye for design you can put together a room on a budget. Yours turned out fabulous. Hugs, Marty

Val said...

Everything is so beautifully put together!!!

Amanda @ Serenity Now said...

I was all "how in the heck did she score that lamp at Goodwill?!" until I read and remembered that they have Target "cast-offs." Great find!

It really does look wonderful. If I can just get my downstairs straight, maybe I can move on to the bedroom. Ours is a TOTAL blank slate. Like, for real. said...

I love it! It does look like a fancy hotel posh bed!
I love your empty frame idea, might have to steal that.
I've been wanting all white bedding --at least for the summer--and you pushed me over the edge. I found a white duvet cover and shams at Home Goods for $30 and I love how it makes the room feel. I just need to find a nice white bed skirt now.....

Nancy said...

Thanks, I was wondering where you got things. I am very slowly redoing our bedroom. You did a great job on a budget and it looks fantastic!


CathyB said...

Love your bedroom redo! It just looks so inviting and restful! I am going to borrow some of your ideas-hope you don't mind. Thanks for sharing your talent for design!

Carrie said...

Love the white bedding! I would have guessed it to be much more expensive! I think you got a great deal!

Kristi said...

Your bedroom looks fantastic and SOOOO inviting! Like sleeping on a cloud!! Great job! :)

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