Sunday, June 13, 2010

Updates, and a winner!

Alright first off-- 198 entries! Woohoo girls! You all SERIOUSLY rock my socks off! Via the winner was number 27, from Craft-o-maniac! So excited for you Jen! I'll email you tonight for your address! :-D

Next up. Have you seen the nav bar up there? All new fun stuff! Little bit about me..Little bit about the lovies that I call friends.. Blog parties I like to hang out at and new advertising!

Speaking of we have our first sponsor-- I figured she just wanted to put her button on my blog because she felt bad for me..To show off? Maybe.. maybe I begged her to do it.. I guess we'll never know. ;) But she writes a great blog, she's super real and super funny! I {heart} her.

She has an awesome Etsy shop too! Hair clips, necklaces, bows-- love it all! Go check it out, you're sure to find something you want!

Have an awesome shop we should know about? Family friendly blog everyone should read? I'd love to work with you! I think this blog is going places-- hopefully.. and well I don't want to be a waitress forever. ;) Imagine this blog if I could have the time and funds to demo my house everday! To do a lovely little craft every week! The possibilities are endless. I'll leave it at that-- Cheap sponsorship, fun site, great perks. ;)

Tomorrow I'm guest posting over at Attempting Creative for the Cupcake Carnival! I hope you'll bop over to check it out!


Now it's time for me to go watch some Tudors and TruBlood. :) Heavenly.


Jenglamgirl said...

Yeah Rachelle~ i AM SO EXCITED I WON! u KNOW HOW cool it is to be going through your blog roll of blogs you follow, and starring back at you is your button!!!! WHOOP WHOOP! I am so happy. My email is Thanks so much. CONGRATS on your sponsor too!

valerie said...

hey Rachelle, it is me Valerie! Hope all is well, and True Blood was great, huh? Finally the new season is here!

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