Saturday, July 31, 2010

The girls who keep this place goin'

Want some fun blog reading this week? Feel the need to shop for some pretties? Looking for a photographer? I have that for you! :)

They sell some super cute camera straps! Want a sampling? 

How cute! 
They have soft inside straps to be extra comfy on that photo-taking-neck of yours and great patterns to choose from! Go take a look, you wont be disappointed! Amazingly reasonable too, you could get one for each outfit!

Live fancy is full of funny posts, random thoughts, super cute crafts, awesome {cupcake} related things.. yum! And, other fancy living tid-bits. It helps that Kimmie is awesome, funny and down to earth. Check her out! Then while you're at it go look at her Etsy shop! Remember those princess clips from Disney week? All her, baby!

She also creates buttons on the cheap! Need a blog button? She's got it!

If you live in the Southern California area she is SERIOUSLY the person to go to. Yup, enough so that I had to use all caps. :) Her work is gorgeous!

I'm in the process of trying to get her to move to Michigan to shoot us. Think she'll give up the sunshine for snow? Okay, maybe not move but she does travel. So even if you aren't in a location close to her, she can come to you! Go check her work out, it's stunning. She also has a fun family blog worth checking out, if you're anything like me and love stalking reading about other peoples families. That's what blogging is about right? ;)

Thanks so much for these lovely sponsors who help this little place I call home-- up and running. You girls are seriously the best!

{Want a super fun secret-- look forward to a upcoming giveaway from one of these sponsors next week!}  
Interested in advertising on Fingerprints on the Fridge? Great! Email me at and we'll chat! 


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