Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Seriously, who doesn't want a monogram.


My name is Rachelle and in a fit of rage, I said goodbye to my stained up, torn to bits in the cushions, too big for our teeny tiny living room, sectional couch. Yup, I said "See you later" to it. In a day I had a taker and I happily said goodbye. (The chair too but they're coming back to get that next weekend, thank goodness) My only problem? The new sectional.. Yeah I couldn't quite say goodbye to the sectional style, I love them, my kids love them, husband loves them.. anyways.. the SMALLER sectional, with a slipcover tugged at my heart strings. The idea of being able to WASH my couch called my name. However, I'm a penny short.. ok maybe two pennies. We're on a no going into debt train right now and I'd like to have something to sit on in the near future, that isn't a zebra print chaise that I had to have when I was 17. See, that's when my redoing started, that slipcover there? All me. Yeah....awesome. ;)

Back to the point.. I'm paying cash for this couch and I'd like to do it soon. So, I'm having a sale! I know you loved those Jute Monograms, who doesn't love something Summery and delicious like that?

I know I do. Want one? It's all yours. Free shipping, yet again!


Kate @ Chic on a Shoestring Decorating said...

If you haven't done so already have a garage sale. I was amazed this year how much money I made on my junk, ahem... nice stuff I didn't need anymore.

Good for you for staying out of debt! Good luck! :)

PS: zebra chaise comment is hilarious ;) said...

I applaud you for staying out of debt. Have you checked Craig's list? You might find some almost new stuff.

That zebra chaise is too funny!


Katie @ On the Banks of Squaw Creek said...

You are a brave girl! That's like quitting your job without having a new one!

My hubby would have been furious. :)

Lisa said...

I had one of those darn chairs too...pastel polka dot cover even. It was my bed/couch all through high school. It took getting married to get rid of it.

Good for you I would LOVE a sectional. I HEART a white slipcover, but with two under 5 it's just not an option at this time (and everything wipes off our awful black leather set).

Sarah loves it all said...

I love those monograms they're adorable! Your blog isn't too bad either. :)

Kimmie @ live fancy. said...

Feel free to start saving up to move here, too.

Or for our trip in January.

Or not. Whatever.

How does Mr.Fingerprints like sitting on the floor? I still can't believe you hauled off your last one on a whim!

Life in Rehab said...

I finally bought the sofa love of my life two years ago: a sectional with a chaise slipcovered in denim, and I still love love LOVE it! The kids, dog, and husband can't make a dent in it, and the denim is easy to toss in with a pack of dye when it fades. Denim may not be your taste, but I'd encourage you to choose a solid you can dye back to life. With kids, it's the best.

Mrs. in May said...

I love this and can totally relate- so, I am buying one! I'm putting the order in now, I love your scrappiness! I too am in desperate need for new living room furniture but buy things like this instead! LOL LOL! I think it will look great leaning against a mirror on top of the fireplace, off to the side.

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