Saturday, November 13, 2010

Saturday Sponsor Spotlight

Hello, friends! Hope you're all having a fantastic weekend. Actually we've got a nice little Saturday planned. Were going to Home Depot to pick out some wallpaper, then maybe well hit Bed Bath and Beyond... I dont know! I dont know if well have enough time! 
Quick, name that movie. 

I wanted to give you the up and up on what's been going on around FOTF lately, our friend group has grown! They're 100% loved by Fingerprints so I'm sure you'll love them too!

If you've been around blog land at all in the past few years you know Cap Creations, if you don't-- you should.

She's a wonderful jewelry maker with an awesome collection of hand stamped goodness!

She has something for everyone and her prices are absolutely reasonable, love that!

Plus, she's a huge advocate for adoption and helps many many families on their road to getting a new family member. The chosen necklace she makes, help fund adoption agencies by donating 10 dollars with each purchase of one! Awesome!

Did I mention she has a blog? Yep! Full of great ideas from bento to bottle caps, girls got it.

And, she's having a fun giveaway linky going on! Make sure you go check it out and sign up to get some super cute loot!

New to the scene be seen, is my friend Diane with her new site Something Diane Made.
She's an up and coming crocheter and, let me say-- girl's got some talent!
something diane made

 I'm in love with these scrubbies. Love them. They're an awesome idea for stocking stuffers don't you think? 
Hint hint.

 How about these cute slip ons? She makes them for children too, something you definitely need for cold winter days.

Another great gifting idea? Hats! Kids always look cuter with hats on, throw a big ol' flower for a girl on it and they're down right adorable.

Be sure to check out her Etsy shop for all your holiday shopping! 

Need some blog reading for the weekend?
Handy Man, Crafty Woman 

Laurie and her husband Rob are two do-it-yourselfers that have taken on blogging about it for our entertainment. LOVE that.

Look at their amazing kitchen redo!

She also cooks, with great recipes like this..

 Organizes, and shares the tips with us..

And, decorates with everyday things. Easy projects, something the girls and I adore.

So for some good weekend blog reading, be sure to check out Handy Man, Crafty Woman!


Our awesome Utah photographer! 
She's from Northern Utah and has a fantastic eye for baby photos! That's probably why she's called Bouncin' Baby Photography, but that's just a guess.


She has a few great special going on for anyone who's interested in booking a session with her,

1) Book a maternity or newborn session and get a in-hospital session FREE, because they are only one day old for ONE DAY!
2) Book a maternity and newborn, save 20% off of newborn session, and 15% off everything ordered.
I didn't have any professional photos of either of my newborns done and I highly regret it. Sure, our little camera took nice pictures but I would have loved to have a huge picture of each or 100 of them. 

 So whether it be a Maternity session which includes
  • Approximately 1-2 hour of time (this is not a limit, just information)
  • On location shoot (within 25 miles of Farmington)
  • Up to 2 outfit changes
  • Post Production
  • Password protected online gallery for viewing
 Or a home/hospital visit

if you're in Utah you should most definitely get a hold of Cortney!

  Sugar and Dots {whom you may remember as Live Fancy} is full of funny posts, random thoughts, super cute crafts, awesome {cupcake} related things.. yum! It helps that Kimmie is awesome, funny and down to earth. Check her out! Then while you're at it go look at her Etsy shop! Remember those princess clips from Disney week? All her, baby!

Or some super cute training pants for your littles?

She also creates buttons on the cheap! Need a blog button? She's got it! 

She just revamped her blog and has a lot of fun surprises in store for her readers so make sure you go check her out!

Erin Dietrich Photography.

Our former go-to photographer from California has moved!
Yup, now she's located in Myrtle Beach South Carolina! 
So..If you live in the Southern California South Carolina area she is SERIOUSLY the person to go to. Yup, enough so that I had to use all caps. :) Her work is gorgeous!

I'm in the process of trying to get her to move to Michigan to shoot us. Think she'll give up the sunshine for snow? Okay, maybe not move but she does travel. So even if you aren't in a location close to her, she can come to you! Go check her work out, it's stunning. 
She also has a fun family blog worth checking out, if you're anything like me and love stalking reading about other peoples families. That's what blogging is about right? ;)

So that's it ladies! Hope you have a fantastic weekend, special special thanks to my sponsors who help me fund all these projects to keep this place going!
See you on the flip side!


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