Monday, November 21, 2011

Home-made Christmas gifts

We're a few days away from the (suggested..Psh! I've been rocking Christmas scents and music for a while now) kick off to the holiday season so it's time to think about gifts! And, what better gift is one that's hand made..with love.

The first one I want to share is a fun little memo board that I saw floating around on Pinterest. I don't have any ornate vintage frames but I do have a Wal*mart and they're cheap. 4.00 cheap. Yes, please.

I bought some yummy spray paint colors but I actually ended up liking this one the way it was. Since, it's for my kitchen and all. I used brown painter paper from Home Depot for inside the frame. I really dig brown and black together, classic and neutral but you could do anything inside these! Scrapbook paper, fabric, a photo, the possibilities are endless. That's the beauty of this.

I bought the paper for our Thanksgiving tablescape so technically it wasn't in the total cost of this project but if you want to add it to it, it was 10.00 for a HUGE roll. Awesome for coloring at the table for kids, seriously.

I wanted to use magnets but, let me tell you about these suckers.

They were a dollar something at Wal*mart and to put it bluntly they suck. I put about 100 of them on the back of the frame and they still didn't hold it up. Boo! I could have went to Michaels and used the heavy duty ones, because I have before for other projects and they do rock the socks, but.. I didn't want to waste the gas driving there. Hello, I'm Rachelle and cheap.

Next best thing, these velcro command strips. I can't rave enough about these things! I used them in the playroom makeover to hold up all the girls art on the walls and they're still going strong. If you're giving these away for gifts you could buy a pack of these and just put two on the back and leave the paper on the strips so they don't lose their sticky, and it's great because of the velcro you can still take it off the fridge to write on.

Which leads me to my next point, I'd wrap up a sharpie with the gift. Get a pack of 6 or whatever they come in for 5 bucks and tie it with a ribbon, instant cute! Bonus is with using a sharpie rather than a dry erase marker, if you bump it while you're writing on it, it doesn't come off but, it does come off clean with windex or a baby wipe if you're like me and always have them in the house for messy faces and what not. Love those things!

So there you go.

This was a pain in the butt to photograph because of the glare but you get the gist. Super cute, super cheap and everyone would use it. If you wanted to go up one notch you could always order some cute vinyl and put the families last name on it, or something equally as cute like "Meal planning..Calender..To Do" Like I said.. Possibilities? Endless!

I'll be back all week sharing fun handmade gift ideas, woohoo! See you tomorrow!

*Also I'm joining Chris at Just a Girl for her Handmade Holiday party! Check out all the fantastic links won't ya?*


Our Delightful Home said...

Cute idea!

~Mrs. Delightful

Jami Nato said...


Ashley said...

Very cute! I love those Command picture hanging strips, they're totally magic.

Heidi@TheCraftMonkey said...

super cute!

Shannah @ Just Us Four said...

This is such a great idea. And it is so cute too.

CLH said...

This is an excellent post for my Wednesday Pinterest favorites link party. Come over and link up!

Brooke said...

I love this! And not just because I also made Dr. Pepper pork roast last night, it's a great dish! Especially when your hubs shot the pork last week ;)

Lisa, An American Mom said...

*Very* cute! You are so creative Rachelle! We have a stainless steel fridge so we can't stick it to that, but you could easily hang this on the wall like a normal frame. Great idea!

The Little Red Shop said...

Cool idea! Mwahahaa..

: )

Julie M.

Kathy said...

Gosh I love tutorials!! You thoughtnthrough so much that I wouldnt have on my own. I have a dry erase menu thingy on my fridge and it is AWESOME! I also use the Command strips to hang stuff all over the house and they work GREAT used them for:
my family Photo wall

and to hang my Give Thanks banner

I contacted Command and asked if I could to do an offical review. They politley declined :) said...

This is adorable! I just bought those same crappy magnets at Walmart for my daughter's magnetic chalkboard wall and they were not sticking great --I thought it was my paint job. Off to MIchaels' almost every other day! Thanks Rachelle.

Happy Thanksgiving Girlie!!

❀ⒹⒺⒺ❀@ A Lapin Life said...

This is a very cute idea!!!


Christa aka The BabbyMama said...

*raises hand*

You mean that the frame and all is stuck to the fridge with velcro??

ter@waaoms said...

I've been wanting to do something like this but had no idea how to adhere it to the fridge. Thanks for the idea!! Does it stay up???

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