Thursday, June 7, 2012

Hostas gone wild

We've been working like crazy on the outside of our house for the past two weeks and I'm starting to get really pumped since it's alll..mmoost..done. Did you hear me? The outside is ALMOST done. Before summer even started! I have way too many pictures for just one post so I'll stagger it. This might not matter to most of you but, I like watching our house evolve. And digging up these monster hostas we planted a few years ago is just phase one.

 The shoe is there for comparison. Of course, what do you think I'm the crazy chick walking around with one shoe? ;)

Now, I love them. They're pretty and I can't for the life of me kill them. I don't know what's in our soil but whatever it is works. These guys grew to massive heights. So much so that nothing else was getting sun and they had to be moved. We'll get to that later.

 We also mowed after this. Disregard the trashiness going on here. 

Or should we embrace the trashiness and rock on.

Clearly.. we rocked on.

Back to the plants.. We dug em up. 

We ended up moving 24 plants. TWENTY..FOUR.


And, of course then there's no after photo. When I come back with phase two I'll show you our new and improved front.. Until then we've still got work to do. 

- Move plants from the front of the house/around deck to the back.
- Scrape off nasty paint from porch. Tile?  Stone?
- New columns on porch
- Get rid of backyard stump. (This is HIGHEST on my list. I hate it.)
- Move playset to it's own "space"
- Mulch.. Mulch..Mulch..

It's actually a lot of work. I'll be so excited when it's done and we can just enjoy it and not have to work our butts off from sun up to sundown all weekend. Whew.

Oh! And, the move to Wordpress is HAPPENING. Like.. Soon. Soon, soon.  So I hear you can't really follow along with Google Friend Connect through wordpress, so you might want to subscribe instead? I don't really know much about it other than I don't want to lose YOU and I don't want you to miss something really good. Wait, it's all good. You don't want to miss anything! :) 


Mrs. Tiffany said...

I love hostas (but so do the deer in our area)!!! I really wish mine would grow that big. I can't wait to see what you've done with them.

Comeca Jones said...

Gorgeous! I bet it killed you to pull them up!lol cant wait to see what you are doing.

Shelia said...

Those are some gorgeous hostas and can't wait to see where you're transplanting them. Love seeing your little rockers too.
Be a sweetie,
shelia ;)

Jami Nato said...

hosts gone wild. LOL said...

I need some hostas! They seem to spread so well. Digging them up looks like a ton of work. WE've been working on our yard a lot lately too...getting ready for the grad party in less than 2 weeks!

Meegan said...

Oh my! Absolutely beautiful! I LOVE it! How fun! Don't you just love crossing things off your list :)
Have a great weekend!
What Meegan makes

The Girl Creative said...

Wow, the front of your house could very well be mine! The picture of the front door and part of the window on the right looks almost identical to mine. lol Right down to the hostas. Mine have gone wild too! ha ha

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