Friday, September 25, 2009

The little cottage that could

Those stopping by from It's so very Cheri, Hi! C'mon over! Take your shoes off and look around. You know, go crazy. I'm more than okay with it. :)

Welcome to my humble abode.

I've shown you my kitchen about 1.4 billion times, but here she is again, in all of her glory! Being the biggest project that we took on, it's definitely the one I'm most proud of. You would be proud too if you lived through a week of drywall dust.all.over.everything.



Two steps this-a-way, is the living/family/tv/rec room. Basically the room we do everything. It's my office. A nap room. And where we watch the wiggles-- over, and over, and over.

I love the simplicity of this room. It's too small to really clutter up, and when it does get a little messy.. Because lord knows I wouldn't let it look really messy... ;) It's an easy 3 minute tidy up. The room started out as a dark brown with horribly ruined hard wood floors and floral curtains. None of which are up my ally. We changed every nook and cranny, adding the carpet, paint and window treatments. Just little touches that changed this room dramatically. I so wish I would have taken pictures the day we moved in. Why didn't I see the future blogging potential?

Lets go down the hallway- My cabinets took an overhaul a while back, remember? Mr. P still hates them.
I love them more.

My teensie tiny bathroom. A main reason we NEED TO MOVE. I have barely enough room to brush my teeth let alone bathe two Little's in this room! But, for being pretty teeny tiny, she is a pretty little thang. What once was tile on the walls, which were painted none the less, with flat white. Eh.. okay? Is now beautiful bead board, easy to clean, easy to love. The floors got a overhaul and we covered up the pink and grey with the stick-ons from the rest of our house. Remember? Like, -.3 cents a tile or something of the sort. Can't beat that. We did all of the work ourselves and saved a million dollars, so even if it is a tiny bathroom..sometimes, just sometimes.. She makes me proud and happy.

The wanna be real room, closet, shoebox "master" bedroom is a hop skip and jump away from the bathroom. It just got a mini makeover for the open house, remember? It may be small but there's enough windows in the room to bring in so much natural light it's amazing! Not at dawn it's not amazing, but throughout the rest of the day? Lovely.

Wanna see the closet that matches the "master bedroom"? You know you do.

Yeah, it's really that.bad.

Go ahead, pick your jaw up.

Scroll back up.

Shake your head.

I know, right?

The only good part is you learn to live without 100 different blue shirts and 52 pairs of black shoes.

Upstairs we pass the Other Mothers door,

and we see the girls' rooms.

LB1 had a lot of input in her room. Pink. Uh, okay easy enough. So to break away from an ocean of pink we chose different shades of pink. To add some spunk we went with polka dots. So easy to do. These are what we used to outline them.

Then you grab your paint. I chose 4 different colors, I so smartly numbered #1,2,3,4. Then I numbered the dots on the wall so that no two colors were right next to each other. Wouldn't that bug you? Oh how it would bug me. Over and over. The one dot would taunt me.. The wall between the two dressers still hasn't gotten #4. I've learned to overlook the twitch it gives me when I'm in the room. Someday somehow I'll get to it. I pinky promise.

Oh, right anyways. Then you take a sponge brush and paint away. Two coats each and voila! In a day you can be done! A room fit for a polka dot queen!

LB2 had zero input in her room. We already had the moon bedding from her sister so we went with that and I truly wanted a pretty boarder or some chair rail and stripes. But for money saving purposes we went with paint. Easy to put up and easy to change when she gets older. I made my own "Border" by writing the words to twinkle twinkle little star around the room. And took the paint and re-wrote it. Easy peasy. So far little miss likes it, works for me! :)

The last part I would like to show you is the outside deck. I promised to show that forever ago, and well. Didn't.

The deck started out in really bad shape. Whoever built it decided to cut costs and only put one support throughout the whole thing. Needless to say the deck was dipping. It was only a matter of time till one sweet summer day BBQ party would go horribly wrong and end up with a pile of people on a crushed deck. Bummer. So, since LB1's birthday party was a week away, whats a momma to do? Nag and nag and nag some more and POOF. A new deck was built in a week. It's lovely. Sturdy. I don't have to have cold sweats in the middle of the night about people dying at our picnics. Wait what?

Note: we do not use the fire pit on the wood deck. I promise you, we didn't replace one hazard with another. :)

Well, that's my house everyone!

So again, thank you for stopping by! It may be a tiny ol' cottage. But she's loved!


Farmgirl Paints said...

I think your "humble" little house is adorable. You've done a great job redoing it. Congrats on making it a home!!

The Harris Family said...

I left a comment on Cheri's blog but thought I would leave one here too. Your house is so beautiful. I love your kitchen and all the details in your girls room. We are looking to buy a home that needs some work and your home has really inspired me. Thanks for sharing.

Queenmothermamaw said...

Hello Rachelle, like the Harris family I left a comment on Cheri's post but I have to tell you I take my hat off to you and your HOME. Yes a house is just a house, until you make it your HOME. It has got to be satisfying to have a HOME within your means, whatever that may be, but I honestly believe so many of our family problems would be solved if all people were conscious of that and not trying to keep up, or out do, the Joneses. My house is a cape cod just like yours and if we wanted to stretch to a big showy place, we could but the stability of our HOME is worth more. Congratulations.

randee said...

hi rachelle -

thanks for the tour. i love what you did in your little one's rooms & your deck looks beautiful.

blessings -

Kathy said...

You have done a great great job on your house!

You had me on the floor luahging with your "other mothers' door" :)

jennibell said...

Thank you for your tour!!! There is so much inspiration in your house :) Love the dots in the one bedroom. . .am going to have to seriously consider this idea for my girls -- and you made it so easy with your tutorial!! You've done an amazing job with your home. Thanks for sharing.

Nancy said...

Very cute home! Thanks for the tour. I know your bath is small, but I still really like it. Also, the kitchen re-do turned out great!


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